Judge a person by their actions, not words

When looking fairly randomly through some articles on wikipedia, I was struck by this sentence about William Hague in relation to the former Tory MP Shaun Woodward.

"he was a front-bench spokesman on London for the Conservative opposition under William Hague until 1999, when he was sacked for supporting the repeal of Section 28,[2] a regulation which prevented the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools."

It says all I need to know about William Hague's values.


James Higham said...

Moreso on their voting record.

Richard T said...

I'm afraid that I can't see William Hague as anything more than the obnoxious little snurd from the Tory conference so many years ago. He is unreformedly right wing and, lest we forget, ran the 2001 election on a paranoid ticket against Europe He is also of course one of the men who found the Tories their new best friends in Europe; he self evidently shares their views on more things than the Lisbon treaty.

Just don't get me started on Liam Fox.

Anonymous said...

We're seeing a lot of this going on with US politicians. Secretly hiding in the closet but voting against gay rights.
I cringe everytime I catch that old clip of Hague in 1975. Now there's a man with a few skeletons in his closet. Cant think why he was ever the leader.