It's not just the Irish Twins who need to be kicked out of X Factor

Having watched the opening "Live Show" of this year's X Factor, the most striking thing for the first 115 minutes was the stunning quality of all the acts except for the absolutely useless Irish twins. Then someone else suddenly appeared to be less deserving of a place on next weeks show. That person was Dannii Minogue.

Having seen the excellent final act Danyl, Dannii questioned, "if rumours in the papers were true" why Danyl had changed the lyrics of a song so that it made reference to being in love with a woman rather than a man.

Now I have not seen the paper, so this is guesswork and the opinion of myself, but putting two and two together, Dannii Minogue seemed to be trying to "out" Danyl, live on TV. If that is what she was doing then she should hang her head in shame.

Does it matter what the sexual preferences of the X Factor contestants are ? Isn't it terribly 1980s to be trying to "out" people ?

If this is what Dannii is doing to get her acts an advantage then its not the twins who should go, it is Dannii.


Dan said...


Steve said...

You're 100% right about this kind of comment and the fact that one's sexual preferences shouldn't matter a jot, but then X Factor and it's ilk don't really matter either do they? Well at least, they shouldn't. A bunch of people whose opinions we wouldn't normally bother to seek, presenting a bunch of acts we wouldn't normally bother to watch. It's only the occasional formulaic excruciatingness of the acts, presenters and their comments which keep the public watching - not the raw talent on show. Actually, that's not the kind of cheap-trick TV I care for and it debases the 'real' talent of lots of entertainers who work hard and don't get the recognition they deserve. More and more 'style over content' is not what we need (but perhaps it's what WE deserve!).

Norfolk Blogger said...

Steve, I would argue that this year the show really has picked out people that have tried and tried using the traditional method of trying to make it, but despite their talent, they have been overlooked.

All three of the over 25s have amazing voices and talent whilst teh girls category has a couple who simply wouldn't have gone through the normal means of being spotted due to family commitments of geographic isolation.