Iain Dale gets his facts completely wrong - Slight "Googling" hypocrisy ?

Iain Dale appears to have some egg on his face for reporting a story from The Metro without bothering to do a Google search and checking if the facts are correct.

This seems odd because Iain and other Tory bloggers were suggesting the other day that South West Norfolk Tories should have done a Google search about her sexual misdemeanours before selecting her. It's a shame therefore that Iain didn't bother to do a Google search before implying things about the Lib Dems that are not true.

Then again, this appears to be the Tory policy these days !


TJUK2008 said...

If I was a parent dropping my child off at a children's activity, I would assume that the staff and/or volunteers running it would be CRB checked and have received the appropriate training. I wouldn't be to happy about someone unknown hanging around the session who was unknown to me, and unknown to the staff in charge. Just because they are a parent, does not mean they are certainly not a paedophile. I run children's activities, if parents want to stay at the session - great, but they need to go through the same process as staff and volunteers officially helping, and I think that is perfectly reasonable and that is what seems to be the case here, not as presented - parents being banned from playgrounds.

James Higham said...

Nich, I fail to see the connection here.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I used to work for such a playscheme/activity scheme run by a Tory Council and they had exactly the same rules.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Lots of Tory bloggers were suggesting that people should use Google to look up important facts before making their decision to select a PPC. Surely the same applies to writing defamatory stories ?

Quiet_Man said...

I wonder why the Mayor deleted her blog post supporting the original decision. She probably didn't reckon on people like the Heresiarch finding it.