X Factor losing the X Factor

They always say "Never change a winning formula". So It is odd to see how much the X Factor has changed this year.

Gone are the cosy intimate auditions done in front of a camera crew and the four judges, instead replaced by performing to 2500 people in an arena making the show virtually indistinguishable from Simon Cowell's other hit show Britain's Got Talent.

Also gone are the unaccompanied auditions instead replaced by full backing tracks making it harder to work out if the singers really are that good.

Gone too are the judges disagreeing about contestants. Now every judge seems to vote yes or no in unison.

And with all this somehow, and don't ask me why, the X Factor has gone from the show too. perhaps it is time to switch to Strictly Come Dancing ?


Richard Gadsden said...

I have never liked the auditions bit of X-Factor, so it's no surprise that I still don't.

I usually only start watching once the incompetent have been filtered out, at which point the changes will be in the past.

Robert Brown said...

Now I am the opposite, incompetence makes me laugh. So long as one appreciates that it is all completely staged, it can be quite amusing. The stage only makes it funnier, with some chump getting the whole audience singing along with an incoherent version of a Karaoke classic, then looking shocked when they are told they sing like a strangled cat.

Letters From A Tory said...

X Factor is running out of steam and the producers panicked into changing the format. Apart from Leona Lewis, all of the X Factor top contestants have not managed to get their careers off the ground because they don't really have any talent.