Garth Crooks brings football punditry in to disrepute

In the immediate aftermath of Emmanuel Adebayor's efforts to rile, wind up and taunt Arsenal fans at Manchester City last weekend you would expect football pundits to show a degree if common sense, but not, it appears, Garth Crooks.

When other pundits on BBC's Final Score show were saying that footballs need to show responsibility for the actions and not exacerbate tensions in the crowd by deliberately running 80 yards to the opposite end of the pitch in order to taunt fans, Garth Crooks stands alone in supporting the rights of the overpaid £150k a week prima donnas to cause crown problems because, in his words "They have a responsibility to celebrate their goal". He even backed up his views by complaining that "It's disgraceful that players are not even allowed to celebrate scoring".

What a pillock.

Celebrating is something you do with friends, colleagues, supporter of your team but not those who oppose you. If he cannot see the difference between celebrating with your fans and taunting opposition fans, then he should not be employed as a pundit.


Anonymous said...

Neil Ruddock also supported Adebayor. I think the Arsenal fans deserved what they got - if they give it, they need to learn to receive it!

Anonymous said...

Brave, brave Anonymous.

25 censored stories said...

I don't think you mean to but your post appears to absolve the Arsenal fans of their own behaviour. I would remind you that the fans were chanting some preatty offensive things at Adebayor, and though his reaction wasn't the smartest thing to do it was understanable given the circumstances. Adebayor should be more professional but he, in my view, is more sinned against then sinner.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I don't absolve Arsenal fans but football fans shout, abuse and jeer and have done so for decades. Footballers have to expect that. Rules are laid down for the expectation of footballers and if they cannot put up with the abuse they can always fing their pay check worth £650,000 a month (in Adebayor's case) and smile.

To be honest, I'd put up with any abose if I knew I'd get £7.5 million a year.

25 censored stories said...

Maybe I'm a more sensitive soul but the amount of money Abedayor gets paid wouldn't make me want to endure it.

And the fact they've done it for decades is no reason for football not to examine whether it's acceptable or not. In my opinon it's not- football fans, clubs and the FA need to look at stamping it out.

everleaf rakeback said...

For the amount of money the coaches and players are making, they have to expect some criticism and booing from the fans. Either grow some thicker skin, or find a new profession.

Anonymous said...

SpelthorneGuru writes...

A player should celebrate with their team mates not taunt the opposition players and their fans.

After all at the count declaration the winner should not taunt the loser.

Next time, the boot may be on the other foot. (or in the case of Adebayor on the face of your opponent).