For me there is nothing like the dishonesty of a pseudonym

As the Liberal England blog points out today, there really are questions to be answered by Mr Paul Staines (who likes to refer to himself as Guido Fawkes) about his independence.

The Guido Fawkes blog for some time like to have a veneer of not being tied to one political party or doctrine but has increasingly become more Tory than Iain Dale. Now at least Iain Dale is open about his politics, but isn't it about time we knew the truth about where Guido Fawkes blog now stands politically ?


Purple Man said...

From what I know, Staines is a genuine non-partisan libertarian.

I think you'll see him targeting the Tories a lot more if they form the next government.

Norfolk Blogger said...

When you work hand in glove with the Tories doing their dirty work, you lose your credibility as unbiased. Under the Tories his blog my be tarnished already.

Anonymous said...

Purple Man; "Libertarian" - yes, in the sense of the word that most who style themselves "libertarian" would think of.

"Non-partisan" - no. This track record is that of a Tory through and through. I'll believe it more if and when he starts to attack corporatist authoritarians like Dorries and Hannan, and I'm not holding my breath.

Guido Fawkes said...

I do my own dirty work, don't confuse who plays the tunes and who dances.

"Norfolk Blogger" - is that a pseudonym?

alistair said...

While Paul used to be a Conservative while he was younger, I think that he now just holds all politicians in equal contempt. Its only that Labour are in power that they get attacked. Are you just being jealous that he rarely finds things worth even mentioning in the LD?

Manfarang said...

Guido has lost the plot.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Truly desperate Mr Staines. My name political history and job is all over my blog. I don't even attempt to hide who I am.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you should come out and confess your bias?

I have accused you on many occasions of being rampantly anti-tory - to the extent that I genuinely believe that you would prefer to see the return of a Labour government if it would keep the Tories.

I lost respect for you months ago.

Guido has never denied who he is -
Oh and my name and details are all over my website - but here I choose to remain anonymouse!

Oranjepan said...

I'm really not sure. I go through phases one way and the other.

Sometimes I couldn't do what I do with my blog unless it was done under a pseudonym, but at others I think it hinders me.

So I sympathise and empathise simultaneously!

I think the main problem is with bloggers who use their pen-name as cover to exclusively make attacks and never be constructive.

Such cynicism with the political process can infuse the wider consciousness and cause unforeseen negative consequences, so if I were to advise a Guido or other pseudonymous blogger it would be to occasionally make a point of showing some idealism and giving praise where it is due.

On my own local local site I think I've managed the balance quite successfully. It could've been quite easy to take a short-term view and follow the crowd reflecting their prejudices, but reputation is built over the long haul through consistency and constantly raising expectations.

So my fear for someone like Guido is that he may be somewhat dependent on his sources - which means after a change of government he could find the tap turned off and be forced to sacrifice himself again to be able to continue.

However, if his prominence means he can be successful at this (which I'd say is likely) it may only exacerbate his cynical personal view at which point I'd be concerned that he lost his enthusiasm for the job or was unable to reconcile his life with his work.

On a personal level the most productive work stems from being in a positive psychological place, so I hope for any psuedonymous bloggers that they aren't hiding from their own reflections.

jailhouselawyer said...

Alistair: "While Paul used to be a Conservative while he was younger".

Don't forget he was kicked out of the Young Conservatives because of his links with the NF/BNP whilst he was at Hull College.

I agree with Nich, and also posted that Paul Staines was now doing Nadine Dorries' dirty work.

Let us not forget that Nadine Dorries is not clean over the expenses scandal.

And, what about the Tory hacker who actually published the emails?

Then we have this Tory plot with Alex Deane and Donal Blaney who have decided to use the courts, in an abuse of process, to attack Labour.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Ah, but Mr Anonymous, we know who you are. Your comments are identical to those I received from a Tory blogger who, let's be nice, has a record, and I mean literally, of pretending to be someone who he isn't, so being anonymnous is hardly a surprise.

Matt Wardman said...

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on anonymity and its limits, and the balance to be struck by public sector employees with opinions, bearing in mind the numbers who keep getting sacked for speaking out of line.


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