Alan Duncan

Coming to the issue of Alan Duncan late due to my broadband router breaking on Monday (it had lasted five years being on 24/7 which must be some kind of record), I am slightly bemused as to the goings on around Alan Duncan.

Presumably he had done something wrong, so I assumed wrongly he had been sacked. But no. He has still retained a job as a shadow minister. How odd. Is David Cameron saying Alan Duncan was only partly wrong ? Is he saying he wasn't really wrong at all or is it simply a case that friends of Cameron, be they involved in scandals or fiddling expenses or other errors of judgement are allowed to stay close to power whilst the older Tories who resist Cameron's agenda are told to stand down ?


James Higham said...

Yes, this business of pressurizing people to stand down is wrong. I call it Garywebbing people.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

I think the answer is that he's been moved to a less visible post until the fuss dies down - then he can be brought back immediately after either the election or the first post-election reshuffle.

I think the other reason Cameron is so reluctant to lose him is because he is one of the more capable members of his shadow team - so a minor demotion might be a "necessary evil," but a loss to the backbenches would be a catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

Has Lord Rennard repaid the taxpayer the £41,000 he claimed for his second home?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I would imagine that someone with internet access would be able to find that out themselves.

Nothing to say about Tory sleaze and Alan Duncan ?