Why people don't use public transport

Norwich fans returning from West London last night after watching Brentford beat Norwich 2-1 suffered another blow after their train arrived home in Norwich at 6.35 am.

The train, which broke down twice, took more than seven hours to get them home turning the usual two hour journey in to the journey from hell.

How many football fans will drive instead of using the train in future ?


Anonymous said...

"Why people don't us public transport"

In my experience... mainly because it's used by the public.

None of the above said...

yes, public transport would be great if it weren't for the public.

seriously, in the countries I've visited or lived in, there was/is much more public transport so it's more widely used, and people have fewer cars, or none at all etc as the countries were by and large much poorer.

In the UK, it's total shite, the deregulated buses are a fucking disgrace, often not running and without warning or good reason and the price of rail travel is nothing short of scandalous. Another of Thatcher's success stories.

The solution?, tax large cars up the arse, and lay on shedloads more public transport - something along the lines of frequent mini-buses within towns and cities. Ease of use will be huge factor in whether you can ever get people back onto public transport, so it needs to be regular, clean and reasonably-priced. A heavily subsidised system has so many add-on benefits for our well-being and
happiness that you can't put a bottom line on it. Beware people who do - they're fuckwits.

Will it happen? No. We're not that evolved FFS.

crewegwyn said...

It would be easier to comment if you gave more information on the sequence of events.

James Higham said...

I don't use it because I use my bike.

stuart said...

My brother gave me a lift back to my parents last month. What should have taken two hours took nine - we broke down three times.

I have never had such a bad experience on the dozens of train journeys I have taken over the same distance.

When we are travelling by train we blame all problems on the train. When we travel by car we blame all problems on other drivers, the Government... anything & anyone but the car itself.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You do expect some sort fo contingency plan when it comes to public transport. In this case there appears to have been none.

crewegwyn said...

Effective contingency planning vanished post-privatisation.

My request for further information was genuine; without a better idea of what happened it's impossible to tell whether you were the victim of :

a) very bad luck
b) the post-privatisation set-up.