How wrong can the Met office be ?

A few months ago the Meteorological Office declared that the UK was in for a good summer with temperatures in August expected to be warm (something that has not really happened since 2005) and sunshine expected to be seen more often than not. This was greeted at the time with some relief by the UK tourist industry and a bumper summer was expected.

Then a few weeks ago the Met Office declared that they were wrong and instead we could expect colder weather and showers.

Now since they have made this announcement I cannot remember it raining here just North of Norwich. I know it rained in South Norfolk for five minutes yesterday lunchtime, but apart from that, the weather has been glorious for nearly three weeks.

So the question is how the hell can the Met Office get it so wrong ?

A few weeks ago there was a reported sudden surge in people booking holidays abroad in the light of the Met Office's change of forecast. So who has benefited from the Met Office's incompetence ? Thomas Cook and Thomson, that's who.

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Anonymous said...

Best summer I can remember in ages.