What's Iain Dale's take on this ?

Yesterday Iain Dale branded my concerns about the open primary the Tories held in Totnes as "pathetic".

I wonder then what he makes of THIS.


neil craig said...

If only you, or your party's "concerns" included some slight opposition to racism, war crimes, Nazism, genocide, child rape & organlegging.

Iain Dale said...

I totally disagree with him - unusually.

Quietzapple said...

The Totnes Tories tore up 97 or so applications and presented three possible candidates;

Two male local government leaders from the two councils which serve the new Totnes Constituency

and a lady GP who favours some sort of drug reform, is euro sceptic and claims to be a-political, despite being a tory member for 3 years.



Lots of other wrinkles, but no politburo could have set the primary up more effectively. Ashcroft officials at work?