And we went to war for this lot

I have discovered an only occasionally updated blog that tells us much of what happens in Kuwait, and to describe Kuwait as anything other than an authoritarian racist state would be unfair.

Remember, we went to war to remove a tyrannical dictator so that the rules of Kuwait could return to their opulent lifestyle, taking advantage of foreign migrant workers and perpetuating a racist policy which prevents foreigners from having equal access to the law and equal treatment.

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neil craig said...

I take it your objection is that the Kuwaitis are sufficiently civilised not to kidnap innocent people, dissect them while still alive & sell the body parts to you as people you are clearly much more friendly to do.

Is there a similar difficulty in getting people to remove the gold from the teeth of people you "LibDems" murder. You just can't get good help these days.

Norfolk Blogger said...

What a sorry response.

Anonymous said...

Spelthorne Guru (Lib Dem) writes..

Unofficially we went to war to free Kuwait in order to supply the West with OIL.

Just as with Iraq. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Spelthorne, I know, it's just a sign of how terrible our foreign policy is that we are like junkies so addicted on oil that we will befriend any old dealer.

Scarlet said...

Kuwait and Saudi are exactly the same: racist, sexist, xenophobic states run by family dynasties covered in gold whilst the rest suffer. The only reason these pathetic excuses for rulers rose out of the dust was and is oil, and for that reason they will stay there as a necesary evil. But, they are still not a patch on the barbarity of the Taliban.

If anyone has an alternative to the industrialized world relying on oil from these states I'd be glad to hear it.

neil craig said...

What a pity that NB can't even deny that the LibDems are involved in raciaL genocide & worse. All in all he clearly owes the far more civi8lised Kuwaiti police an apology.

Norfolk Blogger said...

What a fool you are making yourself look. Have you stopped beating your wife ?

neil craig said...

Ehat a disgusting genocidal child raping Nazi you are. If you have a wife she must be a pretty disgusting whore to be willing to share a house with an obscene murdering piece of filth like you. No offence.

Anonymous said...

Spelthorne Guru (Lib Dem ) writes..


We need to wean ourselves off oil but that will be a long process.

I recall that during World War 2 the Germans made synthetic oil derived from coal.

Probably a very expensive process but as they had coal but not much oil they had no alternative.

Of course today it would be substituting one fossil fuel for another but at least you don't have to buy it from dodgy dealers in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

There are some very odd people around.

Scarlet said...

A dose of realism my friends? The economy of the UK is dependent on oil, to pretend otherwise is pointless. You want the West to construct an industrial capacity based around processes that you aknowledge are expensive and inefficient to create artificial fuel because, 'it worked for the Nazi's'. That is one business pitch I would love to see :D And all so you don't to deal with dodgy people. Thing is, the world is full of dodgy people, and our moral outrage isn;t making them go elsewhere. Be more outraged that Clinton is thinking of opening dialogue with the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell is that Neil fellow jabbering about? The Lib Dems can't even organise a good party conference, genocide would be just implausible.

Anonymous said...

I hope Neil's wall-padding is firmly in place, it must get quite some wear and tear.

neil craig said...


Or see any of the entries on Yugoslavia here http://neilsindex.blogspot.com/

Genocide isn't that difficult if you have the guns & enough money to buy enough Nazi psychopaths

Norfolk Blogger said...

Still bemused what this has to do with me as an individual, what I warranted such a disgusting personal attack and what this has to do with the Liberal Democrats.

neil craig said...

Your party enthusiastically supported these wars, our bombing to assist these monsters, our occupation, our providing these people with police powers to help them & our protection afterward. There is no question whatsoever that your party enthusiastically supported its obscene leaders, headed by Ashdown, in the practice of war crimes, genocide & worse. Your racist party makes it a requirement of membership that one support genocide.

You are in the position of an enthusiastic member of the Nazi party saying you bear no responsibility for what your leaders did to the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Spelthorne Guru writes...

Scarlet, you said "If anyone has an alternative to the industrialized world relying on oil from these states I'd be glad to hear it."

I gave an alternative - convert coal to oil. It is not one that I would pitch at anybody. I consider it on a par with oil from tar sands. We should be developing viable alternatives.

I love your "It worked for the Nazi's" comment. How do you think we put humans on the moon? We used Nazi technology.

I digress. We are reaching global peak oil. We have already seen what happens to the oil price when world demand nearly equals supply.

When we come out of recession the oil price will soar; food prices will rise. Poor countries will suffer food riots (again).

And this is due to countries like China and India experiencing rapid economic growth leading to their consumers wanting and being able to afford the lifesytle we have.

And yet the UK like other countries have not grasped the enormity of the changes required over the next 30 years to move to a reduced carbon economy.