What will the Tories priorities be in government ?

Letters from a Tory has an excellent letter regarding the Tories "back door" means of legalising Fox Hunting again after the next general election. I am unimpressed, as it A. Tory, but I wonder how impressed the electorate will be.

Imagine a Tory government coming to power. They have serious financial problems to deal with and have pledged to rid the country of needless QUANGOs. Then, by means of getting Fox Hunting within a legal framework they give teeth (and money) to a new QUANGO to oversee hunting (wasting more money) and are seen by the electorate as being more concerned about hunting defenceless animals rather than dealing with the economic problems.

It's potentially absolutely wonderful stuff for an opposition leaflet for the local elections in 2011.


Quietzapple said...

Don't count the Tories' foxes too soon, too many may have been shot by then.

Anonymous said...

I know Norman Lamb supports and voted to keep hunting.

What is his view on how it should be reintroduced?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm not his spokesman, but I gathered from him when I talked about the issue to him many years ago that he did ont like the legislation that was introduced so could not support that.

I do not support fox hunting but think the law that was brought in was bad law and would have found it hard to support it myself.

Quietzapple said...

Fox hunting with foxes has almost ceased the fox hunters agree with the anti-fox hunters, except when they are tarradiddling us.

Looks like good legislation to me.

Unsurprising that the maistres don't like it, and have extracted a rare promise from Chameleon.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Too many grey areas for me in the legislation.

Mr Crowley said...

Chloe Smith was in favour of repealing the Hunting Act during the Norwich North byelection, and it didn't seem to dent her performance that much... i think the issue gets a small group of people very angry and the rest give a nonchalent shrug come election day.