Action at last over low flying US jets

Norman Lamb MP is calling a public meeting on Cromer regarding the persistent problems with US airforce jet undertaking low flying exercises late at night over Fakenham, Cromer and other towns in North Norfolk.

Having been brought up on one of the flight paths regularly used by RAF jets landing at the now closed RAF Coltishall, i have no problem with low flying jets. But when I lived in Fakenham I was always surprised to see US jets screaming very low and very fast across Fakenham, going in to steep climbs (needing an afterburner and making lots of noise) and failing to do what the RAF routinely do, which is to fly around towns.

I have no problem with jets practising as this is a small price to pay for our security. But the US airforce jets show a flagrant disregard to local towns and villages in North Norfolk.


James Higham said...

You have no problem with low flying jets? Depends how low.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes indeed, but I don't mind a jet flying somewhere over where I live. I have genuine concerns about US jets "arsing around" over North Norfolk towns though.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Norman Lamb I really hope he attends debates with his Conservative rival, Trevor Ivory, and other North Norfolk candidates at the General Election.

If his seat is left empty it will appear as if he is afraid to debate and his opponents will pounce on it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

He has attended eery single independent debate in Norfolk since 1992 so I am at a loss as to why you thik he will not turn up.

he did not attend the debates organised by the Conservative Party last time because, as was quite clear, they were not independent in any way. They were also on days when he was onducting either businesss in Westminster or doing constituency surgeries.

Anonymous said...

In what way would attending the Conservative debates have caused him trouble?

Surely Norman could take his Conservative rival on any issue?

These independent debates. Were they against the Labour and Conservative candidates?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh dear. For someone who came in with a point claiming some degree of knowledge about Norman Lamb not attending things, you seem remarkably uninformed.

Local debates organised by local church groups and other non alligned groups ahppen in all the major towns during the campaign. All these are attended by the three main parties.

Why would Norman Lamb want to put aside doing his proper constituency business (like holding surgeries) to do debates organised by another political party ? Work it out for goodness sake.

The problem was in 2005 that is highlighted a lack of political knowledge by the Tories and a certain desperation that they organised debates, had the same Tories travelling to each one around the constituency (so most people attending were not local) and it seemd that they did not know that there are plenty of debates during the campaign itself and therefore plenty of opportunities to quiz the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Will sitting Tory MPs be so keen to debate with rivals? When I was a Lib Dem PPC the Tory refused to take part in debates with the other candidates.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The Tory MP for SW Norfolk, who was newly selected last time, refused to attend the local independent debates completely.

Anonymous said...

I think the Tory MP for SW Norfolk is being replaced.

The reason I brought up Norman Lamb and debates is because word has been going round North Norfolk righty or wrongly that he is afraid to debate national issues with other candidates.

However if he is going to attend all the local debates I looking forward to seeing him and other candidates there.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I very much doubt word is going around to that effect. Norman has done every debate since 1992 and has been active in North norfolk politics since 1990 and people know him much better than that.

I think this is Tory tittle tattle and I doubt it will be any more effective than a similar campaign prior to 2005. It's a shame the Tories peddle the same lies again and again.