What unites Iain Dale and Roger Helmer MEP ?

Iain Dale writes today in support of the rantings of Roger Helmer, the most unpleasant of Tory MEPs in my opinion, with the title "What Unites Roger Helmer and me".

Come on Iain, we know what unites you. It's pictured below. It's a shame you can't see past it sometimes.


Iain Dale said...

Nich, try looking over the top of your yellow tinted spectacles from time to time. I did support Helmer having the right to express opposition to gay marriage, but I vehemently disagreed with his view that homophobia doesn't exist. Or did you not get that far before your knee started to jerk?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, the point is that you do go to extreme lengths to offer support to those whose views are bizarre, so long as they are Tories.

Okay, I might do the same sometimes, but it never surprises me that however odd or calous or downright criminal a Tory has been (Conway, etc, etc) you will always find some sort of defence.

Iain Dale said...

Could you tell me which criminal act Derek Conway committed?

Thought not. If he had, he would have been charged. Don't be so loose with your words.

Do you now accept that I did not defend Helmer's denial that homophobia exists?

Norfolk Blogger said...

No, you took him to task for hsi homophobia, but the defence of him seemed to be oblicatory.

After all, Hitler was a vegetarian and loved animals.

Ooops, Godwins Law, you win the argument.

Anonymous said...

"Could you tell me which criminal act Derek Conway committed? Thought not. If he had, he would have been charged."

You weren't saying that about cash for peerages, Iain.

Conway's a buddy of yours, and that's fair enough. But there's no need to be disingenuous. He was slung out by your party leader because he couldn't explain what if any work had been done by his son in return for vast wads of taxpayer cash. It might not stand up to the criminal level of proof - beyond reasonable doubt - but on the balance of probabilities, Cameron took a view on what happened and so do I.

Quietzapple said...

Iain Dale didn't seem to regard it as a particular sin for anyone to pretend or otherwise make out that homophobia doesn't exist.

If he was an unsuccessful gay male, as many youngsters are, he might object to someone saying:

"You don't have a problem, do you, son?"

It is part of a bullying agenda, and control of nomenclature is a useful part of the battle over any bullying imho.

Quietzapple said...

Conway remains in parliament, Chameleon hasn't prodded him into facing his electorate. Conway was Dave Davies' Leadership Campaign organiser.

Dave Davies, who shared a donor with the greedy Conway, recalled that he had written to No 10 and received no reply when that matter was drawn to his attention I gather.

F u - u - u - u nny no intrepid journo or blogger made anything whatsoever of this - eh?

Had they been Labour these matters would have swept the front pages yet . . .