Is it any wonder HBOS are in such trouble ?

Bloody HBOS. Damn them. Every bleeding 30 minutes today we are getting autodialer calls from HBOS for my wife. She's not in, so I can't answer the security question, so the computer (for that is what is phoning me) calls again, 30 minutes later asking for my wife.

I phone up HBOS and they inform me that they cannot do anything about it because my wife has to phone them up. For what reason ? The woman on the phone from HBOS didn't know.

I bet I bloody know why they are phoning, it will be to try and sell us car insurance or home insurance. So, for the rest of the day I have to put up with bloody HBOS every 30 minutes phoning up.

If I had an account with HBOS I'd close it.

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Anonymous said...

Do not take this lying down.

Write to Ofcom and complain, then write to HBOS and tell them you are asking Ofcom to take action against them as this is harassment, and they should not be allowed to contact people like this, and ask are they fit to hold a license.