Please be nice to me

Those of you who have read my blog for some time will know that I am a season ticket holder at Carrow Road where I follow Norwich City, and that I have, since I was seven, been an Everton fan.

So after Norwich started the season last week losing 7-1, I was feeling a little bruised.

Imagine how I feel today with Everton losing 6-1.

So please be nice to me.


Anonymous said...


Two big defeats can take they toll, but dont worry about it - Everton lost to a team with unlimited youthful talent, right it off, you lost 3-2 at home to blackburn last season and still finished 5th ! take it from a NCFC fan, one game doesnt mean anything

Dave Thomas

Anonymous said...

You support 'two' football teams!!!????
This doesn't sound right to me.


Norfolk Blogger said...

I always support the local team (I used to go and watch Coventry too when I lived there for three years), but my first team is Everton. When the local team play Everton I am Everton all the way, but I enjoy going to football matches and think people should do more to support their local teams, whereever you live.

James Higham said...

Nich, that's OK. You support the LibDems too so that's the trifecta. We'll be nice to you. :)

Anonymous said...


As a fellow Lib Dem we share similar ups and downs, thats a given!

But I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan, living with the stigma of (biggest city never to be in the top flight), Plus, Norwich, Thats a long ol poke init :D

Quietzapple said...

I understand the Canaries' pies are very good.