BMA share my concerns about flu jabs for children

A couple of days ago I wrote that it seems odd that tamiflu is dangerous for kids, but children will not be in the first wave of immunisations.

Now the BMA are saying the same thing.

I wonder of the government have noticed the correlation between infection rates dropping Scotland from early July (when their school holidays started) and in England from late July ( when English school started their holidays). It seems that children are one of the main ways in which flu spreads quickly (any idiot could tell you that but obviously the government do not know).

In the 1918/19 flu, US cities that closed schools noticed their overall infection rates and absenteeism from work was lower than those cities where schools remained open.

But do our government learn from history ? Course not.


A doctor writes said...

"BMA share YOUR concern?
LOL!!! What a vainglorious tosser you are!

Norfolk Blogger said...

The headline was deliberately over the top, but as you posted under an assumed name with no Blogger ID, I don't really ahve any respect for you either, so kindly toddle off and be rude to someone else you smug git.

Quietzapple said...

Agree about the sexually obsessed abuser, NB.

I do not invariably trust the BMA's announcements on such as this.

So well recall the President of the BMA making bizarre and dishonest anti Government propaganda re deaths in Iraq.

Tamiflu is not dangerous for kids, very few are significantly adversely affected by it.

As the BBC News report you refer to says:

"Under the programme put forward, people with health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, pregnant women, those with weakened immune systems and frontline health and social care workers would be the first to receive the jab."

The WHO a week ago:

"In terms of clinical trials, we have now seven manufacturers who have started clinical
trials and these clinical trials as I speak are going on in at least five countries. These
countries are China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the U.S.A. We expect
that more clinical trials will start in the days to come, really this is something which is happening as we speak today and these clinical trials will of course be conducted in
additional countries to the list that I just gave.

"So when do we expect to have results of the first clinical trials and what will the clinical
trial results tell us?

"So for the clinical trials that have started in July already, we should have early results
during the first half of September.
What will these trials tell us?

"They will tell us whether we will need one or two doses per person for vaccination. You
certainly know that for seasonal vaccination it is only one dose that is required. For H5
Avian virus, however, there was a need to have two doses of vaccine per person to induce
the level of protection that would be required against an infection. So we will know after
these clinical trials whether one or two doses are needed and this will also give
confirmation that the formulation that the manufacturers are using are indeed
immunogenic and are likely to induce protection again the pandemic virus."

So when it is known whether 1 or 2 shots will be appropriate it will be clearer what, beyond the initial plans, should be done I would think.

Children do not seem to be so hard hit by this flu as they disproportionately have by other versions I think, and so they may not be as high up the list as on previous occasions.

Long quote above from the WHO:


Norfolk Blogger said...

Quietzapple - You and paul Pinfield (another regular on this blog) always give well thought out responses.

Quietzapple said...

Ty, I try, and you are worth it.

This flu was nasty for me and mine, and it will become nastier as like as not in the winter.

Good luck to the canaries.