I think I need to move to Scotland

I see that STV, who remain outside of the ownership of the rest of the mainland ITV network , have dropped certain ITV shows from their schedule and are producing more local programming in their place.

I have for some time stated that I think ITV turn out generic crap that either apes poorly what the BBC are doing or produces safe and uninspired drama that allows you to turn your brain off. It really should be no surprise to anyone that ITV are in so much financial trouble.

The problems at ITV started when their regional identity started to go. Locally here in Norwich Anglia TV had a reputation of turning out quality drama (Tales of the Unexpected, The PD James detective mysteries, The Chief, and other) and great wildlife documentaries through Survival Productions. The regional network might have been costly, but it allowed each area of the network to specialist and also provide competition. As soon as this diversity went from ITV, so did the originality and the quality. Now in Norwich all they produce is regional news.

So perhaps I should move to Scotland where at least they still value locally produced programming.


Toque said...

East Anglia is different, but speaking as someone who live in the "South East" I have to say that I feel little connection with Oxford or Essex.

Regional programming and news is a complete and utter waste of money as far as I am concerned. However, I would like to see more local (as opposed to regional) programming.

Scotland is a different case because, of course, it is not a region. It's a nation and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

ITV also has to compete with the lavishly-funded BBC - which effectively buys audience share with our money.

Independents could produce nearly all the prime-time programming on BBC at no cost to licence payers (and some of what's on BBC2/3/4 etc).
This is grossly unfair.

And don't get me started on BBC Radio! Why are we paying for Radios 1/2 etc. These could immediately be commercialised.

I believe that the BBC takes ITV's breathing space.

Only the BBC's news & current affairs could not, in my view, properly be privatised.

LibCync said...

By all accounts this is just a money-saving measure by STV forcing viewers into the hands of Sky (for English ITV) or discovering the delights of Audio Described ITV1 on Virgin (which at the moment seems to be London ITV1 although they may cotton on and change this).

They even admit:

"We'll be rolling out more of our Scottish productions and acquired series we believe will appeal to our viewers into 2010."

So nothing much of note for a year...

Norfolk Blogger said...

ITV produce terrible versions of BBC shows. I´ve posted on this before, but ITV do derivitive copies of BBC shows and wreck them.