What have the smaller parties got to say in Norwich North ?

I will from tomorrow be posting a 150-200 word statement from the minor parties and independents standing in the Norwich North by-election.

The Libertarians have promised to send something, NOTA have already e-mailed me and one of the independents says he will send something later.

Whilst I am in no way supporting or endorsing these other parties, as part of the democratic process I think it only fair to give them a little more coverage in what is a very crowded field. So if you want to know what the minor parties (essentially not those with money to burn) have to say, keep an eye on this blog.


Anonymous said...

No mention of Craig Murray here. Will he contribute or, given that he is 4th equal in the betting odds, does he now consider himself too major a candidate?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Of course no mention of him. When I addressed the issue of flyposting, something that is not done here in elections, his response was to slag my blog off repeatedly, so why should I give him publicity ?

As for his odds, look him up on BETFAIR. His odds are slipping very very fast.

Also, I stipulated those with small budgets and if he has money to burn on a DVD, he is no short of cash (£35000 is the figure the press are saying he has spent).