Tories don't know where Norwich North and Norwich South boundaries are

Lib Dem canvassers in Thorpe (Norwich North) were surprised to be handed a Tory leaflet (with a mystery bar graph) that had been delivered to the house by the Tories a few days earlier. What was the problem with it ? It is a leaflet for Norwich South, not Norwich North. Now we know that a small number of houses in Norwich North transfer to Norwich South at the next general election, but it doesn't half confuse matters to give them leaflets telling them they are in Norwich South when all their election leaflets (and polling cards) say Norwich North.

The graph really is the biggest work of fiction of the lot. The Tory graph shows a totally made up set of results and explains that this is "How you voted in Thorpe Hamlet".
The actual result was.Let's not take any lectures on bar graphs from the Tories !

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Dave T said...

What a laugh this is, after hearing lectures from Tories about Bar Charts and being "local" to a ward etc we have a lovely leaflet going round in Thorpe Hamlet with Mr Baxter (Tory Candidate for Eaton in June) and Cllr Little (Bowthorpe Councillor and lives in Town Close!)

Say one thing and do another, Vote Tory this Thursday for more of the same hypocrisy