Put out the flags, phone up your friends, hold a street party, raise your glass to the Green campaign !

Less than one week until the by-election in Norwich North and we have only just received our first leaflet from the Green Party. In a seat where Green bloggers were suggesting the Green Party was set to make a stunning breakthrough, local people have been astonished by the invisibility of the Green Party who have very much taken the view that campaigning in about 30% of the constituency whilst ignoring the other 70% was somehow going to enable a breakthrough.

So yesterday (I only found it today in the pile of junk mail we receive on a daily basis) we received our first Green Party leaflet, a Freepost (therefore not delivered by the Greens themselves).

So here it is for your delictation. For me it's a little too wordy with too many "look at me" photos which don't support the articles they are with.


James Higham said...

I thought you were LibDem.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am. I was being ironic. The Greens claim to be the main challengers here but their campaign has been absolutely dire.

I have to say that if I had to rank which party I would vote for the Greens would be second from last (the BNP would be last).

Luke said...

For once, I have to agree. The leaflet is too wordy, far too many unncessary photos, and the local party hasn't really made the effort with their freepost leaflet.

In defence, however, I believe the Greens are targetting a few select wards where they know they have voters. I believe the strategy is to try and get as many Green voters from those wards to go and vote Green.

However, would you really consider the Greens as your second to last vote? I don't know if that is spite, or just complete disagreement with policy, or even a clash of personalities, but despite what I think of the Lib Dems, they will always get my second preference on the basis that I know alot of decent folk who are Lib Dems and whom I share broadly similar opinions with.

Anonymous said...

Nich, elections are not won by leaflets alone.

And thank God for that: I hold no candle for the sanctimonious Watermelons but from your own tally the duplicitous bastards have put out more leaflets than anyone, full of the usual tendentious bar charts and plain misleading rubbish, and Lord only knows they deserve to be crushed on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Rupert Read's got a Tefal head!

Matthew Huntbach said...

Agreed - too wordy, and too many "look at me photos".

But also - and this seems quite common with Green Party literature now - not nearly Green enough. What is needed from the Green Party is shouting from the rooftops about the global environmental crisis, the need for urgent deep policies to tackle it, and to avoid pessimistic apathy, some optimism which say we can do it if we put ourselves to it. What we get here is just too wishy-washy - vaguely social liberal, but nothing really to challenge our assumptions or push the reality that solving the environmental crisis will require tough action many will find unpleasant.