Anecdotal evidence from Norwich North which may be important or may be not

All evidence of general voting patterns based on speaking to a small number of people really do not hold water, so what I am about to state should be taken with a decent pinch of salt.

Speaking to a group of work colleagues today, I commented that my face is making an appearance on one of the leaflets coming through their doors at the moment. Being someone who keeps politics out of the workplace as much as possible, they enquired "Which party ?" When I explained it was the Lib Dems I was met with a very positive reaction from them with many responding that they will be voting Lib Dem on Thursday for the first time.

Similarly, I have been told that the dissatisfaction within Norwich North Labour ranks has reached critical levels with some Labour people local to Norwich refusing to have anything to do with the campaign at all.

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Psephologue said...

You have relayed "anecdotal evidence" and counted posters and pamphlets. You have done a good job in talking up the Lib Dems.

Now, with less than a week to go, the hard questions:

1. Will labour be beaten into third (or fourth) place?

2. Will the Lib Dems beat the Greens?

With betting on SPIN suspended and the main bookies all over the place on the above questions, we punters need the inside track.

What are you predictions?