NOTA (None Of The Above) - Norwich North

NOTA (None of the Above) registered as a Political Party in March 2009 after initially being declined by the Electoral Commision as it was an acronym of "None of the Above" - a prohitibited expression.
NOTA exists solely to advocate, promote and facilitate the POSITIVE abstention facility on ballot papers - giving power back to the electorate

At the moment - many of the electorate see the present political system as being a choice between - beng run over by a bus or being run over by a train!

NOTA is doing the job of the Electoral Commission whose Chair person recently said:
"I think too many of us forget who, exactly, the elections are there to benefit. We forget that these are NOT aimed at helping governments or parties or individual candidates. They are for Voters, to give them a Voice. To help them effect change they want to see. So we need to start putting Voters first. So, how are we going to do it? How are we going to put Voters back at the heart of the System ?"

We at NOTA beleive the answer is quite clear - VOTE NOTA.

"From the small number of people we've spoken to, with our limited resources, the feedback is positive and the indications are that with NOTA (None of the Above) as an option on the ballot paper then the non Voter would be converted to a Voter!"

Note from Nich Starling (Lib Dem Voter): This is posted here not as an endorsement but in an effort to give more coverage to those candidates who do not have the money or resources to publicise their campaign. Remember, whoever you support, to make use of your democratic right to vote on Thursday.


James Higham said...

It's certainly a statement but withdrawing from the electoral process is a double edged sword.

It needs revamping, to be sure, starting with the major parties' preselcetion procedures. Parties may argue that it is their own business but it is the nation's business is these people are foisted on us and end up governing us.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

It is a cool idea, but suppose they get elected.

You can't just not take it up. They should have some sort of manifesto, even if it is just campaigning for a real NOTA on ballot papers that is by law tallied like all the other options.

Matthew Huntbach said...

No, James, these people are NOT foisted on us. We choose to vote for them. We have the choice not to.

The problem with NOTA is that people who say that often have no idea what they really want and once you say it must also be something which is possible, it doesn't exist.

If there is some coherent and possible political viewpoint which isn't available to vote for, I'd like those - anyone who says NOTA - who claims there is to tell us what it is. Or at least sketch some ideas for it. I always find when I ask this I get no sensible reply back - at best I get "I want X and Y" when X and Y are mutually contradictory.

None of the above said...

As a 'socialist' or 'old labour' voter, the only parties with a chance of winning do not hold the view of life that I do and furthermore they've been milking us dry for years thru the expenses system, getting us into strife overseas and pretty much ignoring climate change and the mindblowing free-for-all that was laughingly called a banking system.

Coming from a mining area, I voted Labour when we had a chance of changing the direction of Britain during the miners' strike and later the poll tax fiasco.

The Greens are currently the closest to a view I could subscribe to but there's still too much I don't agree with and listening to pious middle class people lecture me as if I only have a fraction of their intelligence and understanding irks me. A bit like political blogs really.

I know politicos and wannabees wet themselves over graphs, so here's one showing the progress of none of the above in recent times. It's a line graph not a bar graph, so concentrate :-)

None of the above said...

sorry, I was so busy ranting that I forget the link:


I'm tired and jaded with all the politicos' talk of reconnecting with the public or over-analysing why people are not voting. The obvious answer is the correct one.

Greg Baker said...

This is hilarious!

You guys!

Mitchell and Webb would love this!

Raymond Terrific said...

Come on boffins!

Let's sort this out, once and for all!!!