Norfolk Tories manifesto pledge on flood sirens broken in just five weeks !

Five weeks ago the Tories were campaigning across Norfolk promising to "fight Environment Agency plans to shut down the flood sirens", yet just a few short weeks later the Tories have broken their manifesto pledge and are unilaterally going to remove flood sirens along the Norfolk coast. Whilst no decision has been made yet, the proposals to do so have been put before the committee and it seems highly unlikely that the Tories would throw out their own proposal.

What is more. as can be seen from this extract from one of the Tory Euro election leaflets, they cynically used the threat of flooding in North Norfolk in order to attract votes in Norfolk whilst seeking to blame cuts on the EU. As we now know, it is Norfolk County Council, run by the Tories, that will actually be to blame for the cuts.

These Tory plans will hit the coastal areas of North Norfolk hard, particularly those in the Walcott area who were so badly affected by flooding in recent years. More than this though it will prove to be a disaster for North Norfolk Tories who now know that their own party's promises on flood defences can be so quickly broken. Norman Lamb has been seen for years as the most consistent advocate of those coastal communities affected by potential flooding and one wonders what Iain Dale must think about this too. Iain tried very hard to find out a great deal about coastal erosion and coastal flood defence issues in his tiome as Tory PPC in North Norfolk. One suspects that he would have felt extremely hacked off by what the Tory County Council has done if he had been PPC at the time and he probable shares my frustration at their attitude towards the people of North Norfolk.

One wonders if this might also have an effect on the truthfulness of the Tories campaigns in Norwich North. If the Lib Dems, and others (not the Greens as they appear to be working hand in glove with the Tories) point out that the Tories can break a promise in five weeks it might make people wonder if the Tories can be trusted in Norwich to keep their word.


Anonymous said...

It's hardly fitting the Tories pledge to "tell the truth".

John said...

The libdems are lying. No decision has been taken to close the flood sirens.

Premature to say the least.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Semantics. The Tories ahve proposed it, it has yet to be voted on. Wil the Tories vote down a Tory proposal in a Tory run council ?

Anonymous said...

I think that this is part of your Be wicked, Act Shamelessly and Stir Endlesley tactic totry and put the blame on NCC for this.

The fact is that the emergency services stated they would not use the sirens even if NCC decided to spend £40,000 on them.

I know the LIb Dems like wasting money but to spend £40,000 on something that wont be used would be a waste of tax payers money.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So who is being wicked ?

Me for saying the Tories told lies on their election leaflets and in their County manifesto


The Tories for using this issue to campaign on just six weeks ago then brake their promise now.

It's clear who has acted shamelessly here.