Iain Dale's selective reading

I was fascinated to see Iain Dale had linked to THIS story on my blog yesterday with a rather poor attempt to link April Pond (Lib Dem candidate for Norwich North) with the greed and cynical Tory grandees who claimed excessive expenses whilst ignoring my story that directly related to him and his time in North Norfolk.

It seems odd that coastal defences and flood protection, something Iain was always keen to claim the Tories would help the residents of North Norfolk with, seemed unwilling to comment or link to that story.

Come on Iain. What is your opinion about the Tory cuts for flood sirens and the way the Tories cynically campaigned on this issue in the County and Euro elections just five weeks ago only to break their pledges now.

Or what about the big story of the week Iain, the Andy Coulson story ?

Oh, let's close our eyes and sling a bit of mud at the Lib Dems. I have no problem with Iain's Tory bias and despite previous political clashes in Norfolk, I rather like the man and his blog. It's just that his inability to hide his blue rosette even when it is the big news story of the week that he is ignoring.

This really does throw up a lot of questions about what will happen to Tory leaning blogs under a Tory government when Tory good news stories will be harder to find.


Iain Dale said...

I refer the hon. Gentleman to a reply I gave some months ago...


I didn't comment on your story because I have only just seen it.

And you clearly missed this post on Coulson...


Rob said...

Good old April Moat.

The Lib Dems are not averse to cheap shots and shadey tactics either.

Anonymous said...

If tories are moaning about a moatwhen their own MPs claimed 2k to get their moats cleaned seems the height of hypocrisy.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, your response was from February and you were blaming the environment agency. The point now is that the Tory County Council are the ones making the cuts after promising five weeks ago not to.

Can we trust Tory election pledges ?