I don't really care about the swearing

Was I shocked to hear that David Cameron swore on national radio ? No. It takes a lot to offend me. To be honest, for once he sounded like an ordinary bloke rather than the pompous toff I usually see him as.

Was it a silly thing to do ? I think so. It showed a lack of judgement.

Will it affect poll ratings ? No. I think David Cameron could kick walking sticks away from old people and he would still have a healthy poll lead. This won't affect him one bit.

I guess this is one of those things that gets the political classes very excited but matters not one iota to the general public.

I don't care if a politician swears like a trooper, smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks to excess if he or she knows how to put the country back in order, show real leadership on the world stage, stop dragging us in to wars we have not properly prepared for and in general shows an understand and bond with the plight of the British people.

Now is David Cameron that man ? Don't be a tw*t !


Oranjepan said...

I don't care about personal habits, so long as people keep them personal. The problems start when they cross over into the public realm.

Cameron is clearly unable or unwilling to distinguish between the public and private spheres. For a guy who wants the be the first citizen representing the public face of the country Cameron swearing in public has shown what kind of mentality he intends to represent.

If it was just a lapse we're expected to be tolerant of will he be consistent and introduce a policy of tolerance of similar lapses by the wider public, such as regarding one-off cases of assault or unpremeditated murder? What about deaths caused by drunk driving? Surely they are all accidental, right?

Frankly it is right that warning lights flash when a politician swears in public (exceptions apply - like when it is done to make a point, but it's already too late to make that excuse).

Even where it done by accident it shows the pressure is getting to him - so how can we expect him to deal with actually be in charge when the responsibilities are real?

It is a pure demonstration he cannot be trusted. And if we're honest we should be worried.

Strange though, we come to exactly the same conclusion by completely opposite routes!

Gavin said...

David Cameron does everything deliberately in my opinion. He got mentioned on practically every media outlet during the doldrums months - he is an ex-PR man. He knew exactly what he was doing and saying!

James Higham said...

Was it a silly thing to do ? I think so. It showed a lack of judgement.

As a Tory, this is our gripe with him.

Brian E. said...

Since when was the word he used a swear word. I've heard it used since I was a child (more years ago than I care to remember) and I seem to remember that it was one of the words that wasn't jumped on by my parents.