How to get your roads repaired - Have a parliamentary by-election

Withing hours of the by-election being called in Norwich North, something strange started happening in Norwich North. All over the constituency County Council vans and lorries started appearing with high visibility vested men carrying spades, driving various types of digger, rollers and other contractors vehicles, and suddenly long waited for road repairs started happening.

In Taverham the road is up, in Drayton action is being taken to reduce speeds, in Hellesdon pathways are being redone (again) and in Mile Cross all the holes in the road that have been there for months have been filled in.

Now I expect that it would take weeks, if not months, to do all this scheduled work, but it does seem odd that all over the constituency the Tory run County Council are doing the things that should have been done a long time ago.

It certainly stops the opposition from running petitions and doing leaflets about the road problems.

I know, I'm being cynical, but I've had other people ask me, with my political knowledge, if there is any link between the by-election and the sudden flood of roadworks being done.


Mark Reckons said...


But isn't there a corresponding risk that there will be a number of voters who are annoyed with the diversions and roads being ripped up all at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Cynical? Paranoid? Maybe, but at least it's not "the full Craig Murray".

None of the above said...

Why not ring up the council and ask to see their schedule of works?

Then you'd know.

Anonymous said...

On the Be Wicked, Act Shamelessly and Stir Endlesley stuff again.

Norfolk Blogger said...

On the "find answers, ask questions, use your rights", thing actually. It might suit you never to question anything but I have an enquiring mind.

Dan said...

Go on - use a FoI and you'll see just how ridiculous your postings are sometimes