Two Tory leaflets (one posted) and one Lib Dem

If I get the chance I will post up the leaflets I received today. The Tories, who seemed keen to slag of April Pond and the Lib Dems for delivering a magazine style leaflet responded with an almost exact copy today and I also got a freepost leaflet from them.

The Lib Dems sent me a hand written style leaflet aimed at my postal vote. I This wasn't their freepost. This put the leaflet count (for me as a postal voter) as 8 Lib Dem, 8 Tory (including one freepost), 3 Labour (inc 1 freepost), UKIP 2 (inc 1 Freepost), 2 indies, and that is it.


Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if the Conservatives are putting out leaflets "slagging off" the Lib Dems for putting out a magazine. It would seem very much a waste of their time.

Joe Public said...

"The Tories, who seemed keen to slag of April Pond"

And you boast of being a Teacher!

Simon Wilson said...

Anonymous-it is exactly what they have done-no ideas, no policies just negative campaigning