Freepost Leaflet heaven !

Here are the latest leaflets I received in Norwich North. They are from the Libertarian Party, NOTA, Peter Baggs (Independent), the Conservative and April Pond (Lib Dem).

The Tory leaflet is actually A3 (when folded out) so I copied it as best I could not including the fold out middle. I also have another Lib Dem A3 leaflet but it wont fit in my scanner.

So the leaflet score is, Tory 10, Lib Dem 10, Labour 4, UKIP 3, Murray 1, Holden 1, Baggs 1, Libertarian 1, NOTA 1. And I have still not received anything from the BNP or the Greens, not even a Freepost.

P.S. I will post the Tory an Lib Dem leaflets here tomorrow. I have not copied the Murray leaflet. Firstly, he seems to slag my blog off on a daily basis on his blog (remember though, he is the "honest man"), and secondly, its too big (shiny A3) and is elsewhere on the internet.

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Guthrum said...

Thanks for that Nich

Regards Andrew Withers Chairman LPUK