Eco Town Con

The quiet Norfolk village of Rackheath is to be turned in to a town (or eco-town as the government insist on calling it). It wouldn't be so bad if the town was actually going to be an eco town. However, the standard of eco friendliness required for building the houses is a lower standard than those standards expect of all new homes by 2016, and by 2016 none of the new houses will be built. So in effect the government has dumped 4000 new homes on prime farmland which will not be built to a higher standard than any other house in Norfolk or the UK.

Labour like to talk up the environmental credentials, but in reality it all a con. Roll on the General Election.

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Will 883 said...

I don't think it is actually true that they will be built to lower standards.

My understanding is that ecotowns will be net zero carbon - as will every home built from 2016 - however ecotown homes will have higher environmental standards across the board in terms of sustainability, water use, ecology, etc.

There is a huge misunderstanding about eco standards for new homes, even amongst those who should know better, though this is largely because the Government have made it so complicated.