Another day, another Lib Dem leaflet (plus others)

I think, if my counting is correct, that this is the 11th Lib Dem leaflet I have received. The score, Lib Dem 11 (2 Freepost) , Tory 10 (2 Freepost) , Lab 4 (2 Freepost), UKIP 3 (2 Freepost) , Holden 1 (Freepost), Murray 1 (Freepost), Libertarian 1 (Freepost) , NOTA 1 (Freepost) , Green 1 (Freepost), BNP 1 (Freepost).

Note: One of the labour leaflets was given to me by a work colleague. There is no evidence yet of the "local" Labour leaflet being delivered in a Taverham or Drayton version.

I have also been sent a copy of the Crome Ward version of Labour's leaflet (the Mile Cross version was published by me last week). It speaks volume that Labour are still delivering this leaflet nearly two weeks after the Mile Cross version went out.


Anonymous said...

Should the second Labour image of the Crome ward version be the other side or am I missing something obvious.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes. My mistake, now sorted.

Anonymous said...

I guess that Labour won't point out in their leaflets that they closed the Crome centre many years ago. It was a great community resource, a good bowling alley, offered good facilities particularly to the elderly and was popular.