Why the hell should we be interested in what a former second home owner has to say about planning issues in a place she does not even live in ?

Apparently Amanda Holden, well known actress, adulterer and botoxed judge (apparently) on Britain's Got Talent is opposed to the building of wind turbines in Norfolk.

Does she live here ? No. She has a holiday some miles away.

Does she own property where the wind farm is going to be built ? No.

Is she from Norfolk ? No.

Does she even still own a second home in Norfolk ? Apparently some distance away.

So what the hell has it got to do with her ? No idea !


Henry North London said...

Perhaps she is just saying it because she likes Norfolk as it is

Norfolk Blogger said...

Perhaps she would prefer a Nuclear Power station or given the fact that parts of North Norfolk are severely threatened by rising sea levels, she would prefer to maintain the status quo of using fossil fuels leading to global warming followed by great swathes of Norfolk being flooded.

None of the above said...

Thwe wonderful tool of google explains things in five seconds: She has a house here.

"Norfolk, near Burnham Market, where my house is. Holkham is a vast beach where we walk our dogs - it's like walking on the moon. We eat at the Hoste Arms, which is owned by friends of ours. Norfolk hasn't been spoilt by tourism; it's one of the best places in the world."

Norfolk Blogger said...

According to the edp, she has moved.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Looking it up, it appears she has a holiday home in Norfolk, but nowhere near the proposed site.

She then slams "do gooders" for wanting to protect the envirnment for future generations instead of seemingly ont preserving views for second home owners.

None of the above said...

I've nothing against second homes.

I've been paying for plenty of MPs second homes and for their sons and daughters to live in them for long enough. Even Lib Dems.

I'm sure you won't mind me noting the fact when you make a comment on somewhere that's not in your backyard?

Anonymous said...

Lets face it the Environment Agency is going to let vast tracts of the Broads take its chances with Mother Nature. The train company is seeing to it that the Norwich - London link is a third rate service. Ideal really as that puts paid to incomers. The best property in Norfolk by the coast and in some of the villages is taken up with second and third homes owned by City bankers and Londoners who bring all their groceries, booze, wine with them from Tesco Kings Road London,they might pay the odd Royal sunday lunchtime visit to the village pub (if its still there) for a badly kept pint of Wherry- no one (except the Far Cat in Norwich) seems to know how to keep real ale - repeatedly turning off the cellar cooler to save money and cooking the ale in the process - never mind a bottle of Stella in the cask will liven it up and they won't know - keeps it going for 8-10 days, no one has the money to spend on lock-ins, even the constabulary have stopped coming round 'ere.

The kids are getting really bored non of 'em working just hanging around, a bit of thieving, stripping lead off the church,playing football with bernards mutant turkeys, come winter all tucked up in bed by 7pm ( and home to see the wife and her sister by 3am. Norfolk I love it....can't see why anyone wants to change it.