BBC East show blantant Tory bias

On Monday the BBC Look Est programme had a special report on David Cameron's visit to Norwich, interviews with local Tories, a reporter at the venue of his visit, and it was one of the main headlines.

I twittered yesterday wondering what sort of coverage the press would give Nick Clegg for his visit today. Surprise surprise, in line with the BBC's constant reporting of David Cameron opening an envelope and giving him headlines for it and their inability to report anyone in the Lib Dems except Vince Cable, BBC Look East totally failed to mention Nick Clegg's visit to Norwich today, failing even to mention it in passing.

The next time the Tories go on about the bias in the BBC, we can all remind them which way the BBC is leaning in their bias.


Tony Sharp said...

This is excellent news Nich. It is about time the BBC started to give the Conservatives a bit of coverage after fawning over Vince on an almost daily basis.

There is still a long way to go to catch up to the amount of screen and radio hours you Lib Dems get on the BBC, but this is a welcome start. :)

Junius said...

The BBC actually covered the Tories without indicating they were eating babies?

That must be a first.