Okay Irfan Ahmed and Paul Walter, I will give Twitter a go

I have for some time been somewhat "Twitter Averse", in that I could see no possible use for it. However, I was also "Apple Averse" and I am getting on famously with my iPod. So after much lobbying from Paul Walter and Irfan Ahmed who cannot believe I have been using Twitter, I will give it a go.

If you have a gaping hole in your life and want to follow what I am doing, the big question I would ask is Why ? But if you still want to, I am registered as @Norfolkblogger.

Now if someone wants to give me advice on where I can get a fancy Twitter widget that looks nicer than the one I have got, I'd happily take advice.


Mark Reckons said...

Good move Nich. I was a bit of a Twitter skeptic for a while but a couple of months ago I suddenly "got it".

I use it to keep track of what other politically minded people (of all parties and none) are up to and think in (and this is the critical bit for me) real time. I also use it to let my followers know about my latest blogs posts and it does help with traffic. You can follow me here if you like.

I would also recommend HouseOfTwits who "retweet" interesting political comments from about 800 political Tweeters. You may also want to look at following Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News and Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor of The Evening Standard who are both prodiguous Tweeters and who give some good inside info on what is happening as it happens sometimes.

Chairman Bill said...

Just finished 2 weeks of Twittering. What a load of garbage. Complete wast of time. It's a solution seeking a problem.