A few lies being spread about the Norwich North By-Election

A few lies are starting to be spread to various websites and blogs which seem to be emanating from the Green Party. So it seems it is right to out these lies in to a factual context.

1) The Greens did not win the popular vote in Norwich North. They came 4th across the whole constituency which includes far more than just the four Norwich Wards.

2) Norwich North is NOT on the same boundaries as Norwich City Council. Half of Norwich North is made up from parts of Broadland District Council, an authority that has no Greens elected.

It seems that the Greens, so keen to position themselves are showing that facts shouldn't get in the way of misleading the electorate.

Update : I have also received an email from someone saying they had been emailed by a Green claiming that the Greens had a majority of councillors within Norwich North. For the record, the Greens have two councillors.


Craig Murray said...


Are you related to the Sheringham Starlings with the shop?

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. I have a great north norfolk name but my family are originally from the norfolk/cambridgeshire border.

Craig Murray said...

nothing wrong with cambridgeshire. Thank God its not Suffolk :-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

I make that joke too. My wife is from Suffolk !

harasseddad said...

The norwich north constituency comprises seven wards of the District of Broadland:- Hellesdon North West, Hellesdon South East, Old Catton and Sprowston West, Sprowston Central, Sprowston East, Thorpe St Andrew North West, Thorpe St Andrew South East; and four wards of the City of Norwich:- Catton Grove, Crome, Mile Cross, Sewell


As far as I can see the share of the vote at the european elections for those wards was
Con 37
Green 20
Lab 19
Lib 14

I reckon greens could beat labour into 3rd place.

Anonymous said...

No Norwich North currently consists of most of that plus the 2 Taverham and Drayton wards in Broadland.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Harressed Dad - I live in Taverham, I live in Norwich North. the current boundaries, until the next General Election include Taverham and Drayton. Your statistics refer to what will be then case THEN not NOW.