Do as the Greens say, or not, as the case may be

The Greens in Norwich have reacted badly to certain facts about their candidate being publicised by the Lib Dems, according to the EDP.

Isn't funny how the Greens like to bandy about quoting things the Lib Dems have said and done, but when the Lib Dems point out things the Green Party candidate said 5 years ago, they seem to think that it is irrelevent to the ongoing campaign and nothing to do with the Green Party itself.

A candidate is elected under a party banner, but represents their own views and these are totally relevent to their wish to become an MP.

So the Greens are saying do as I saw, except they aren't because in this case they are saying that what they say is not what they are actually saying ??? Get it ??? No. Thought not.


Luke said...

Could you please provide evidence as to what Rupert Read supposedly said?

No one can seem to find it anywhere. A bit suspicious, surely?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I don't know what it is. All that was reported was that comments Read made in 2003 have been found, which are obviously not something a candidate in Norwih North wants publicised and he stated (apparently) that his comments had nothing to do with his Green candidature.

I don't know what he said or what the allegations were because I am not part of the Lib Dem campaign.

Luke said...

No response to my previous comment?

Positive campaigning indeed.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Your previous post was inacurrate and possibly defamatory so I did not publish it. Positive campaigning form the Greens indeed. Posting rubbish and propagnda to people's blogs. you should be ashamed of yourself.

You seem quite unable to read as your comment (unpublished) seemed also to think that I could not write a story if I was not prepared to repeat the allegation. this argument hold no water because my story was not ablout the allegation, it was about the Green argument that whatever the allegation was it was not relevent to the campaign.

I think voters are sick to death of politicians who are so obsessed with themselves that they can say one thing, do another or in some cases say something then say that what they said does not mean they actually beleive it or want it repeated.