"I was working within the rules"

Everyone now knows that the rules concerning parliamentary expenses for MP were perverse, yet the constant flow of MPs claiming "I worked within the rules" seems totally at odds with everyone elses moral compass.

We all know now that MPs were working withing the rules, but we are all concerned that so many MPs lacked the common sense and decency to see that their expenses claim were totally indefensible to the electorate.

No wonder we have been told for many years that out MPs are the least corrupt in world because there was no need for overt corruption when there was a legal method for them to be corrupt.


loadofoldstodge said...

I offer my thoughts on this and a suggestion based on a debate with James Burdett:


Paul Pinfield said...

I know, why don't we all write our own expenses rules and post them off to HMRC? Corruption could be wiped out across the board. What's good for the MP must be good for the country, right...?