Bar Chart Time

Update - This is intended to be slightly tongue in cheek. For all those who take it seriously and want to do % instead, I could ahve done this for MPs being accused of serious expenses fiddles (flipping, etc), and as I read it not one Lib Dem has "flipped" his or her second home. Indeed one Lib Dem MP is accused of getting Sky TV, which to me does not seem like an offence at all.


Chris Lovell said...

Brilliant! And the Tories and Labour can't complain about this one. It's actually to scale!

Quiet_Man said...

Of course when you work it out as a percentage of MP's per party who are accused it comes out as Labour 10% Conservatives 15% and the Lib Dems as 16%.

Not that I'm saying that the Lib Dems are bigger crooks, just that they have a higher percentage of troughers than the other parties (so far)

Aren't statistics wonderful ☺

Andy W said...

Be careful Nich, if you divide by the total number of MPs the LibDems don't fare too well. To be honest I'm more disappointed with them than the others, they should have listened more carefully to Norman Baker and followed his lead.If they had then the LibDems would really hold the high ground. Yes I know they've had a pop at him but feel he has acted honorably and has been unfairly treated.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I was tempted to do one about people flipping their second homes, the most serious of offences I beleive. And on that one the lib Dems would be on zero !

Joe Public said...

"Indeed one Lib Dem MP is accused of getting Sky TV, which to me does not seem like an offence at all."

Why should Taxpayers pay for an MP's Sky?

"Let them watch BBC" as Marie-Antoinette might have been tempted to say.

Anonymous said...

I thought you supported PR

draw to scale as percentage of MPs

Maybe we should look at Norfolk Councillors expenses next

manc_ill_kid said...

This http://bit.ly/yFiph is a graph showing the correlation between MPs electoral majority and number of expense fiddles reported by each party.

The LibDems are in the lead on this one.