Quote of the year from disgraced Tory MP Andrew MacKay

On Radio Five Live at about 5.15 this evening they were interviewing a reporter from Andrew MacKay's constituency regarding his somewhat dodgy second home expenses. The reporter told Five Live that they spoke to Mr MacKay yesterday before the Telegraph printed its allegations to him and before any stories about him were known, and Mr MacKay told them words to the effect of

"I have checked all my expenses claims fore the last four years and am sure I have done nothing wrong".

But perhaps worse is the fact that he claims to have checked his expenses and he saw nothing wrong in what he did. Doesn' this say something about his judgement ?


Mark Reckons said...

Indeed. He was woeful on the BBC News Channel earlier too.

I am in his constituency so I am going to go to this meeting he is supposedly organising for next week to let him know my feelings as he has requested of his constituents.

Oranjepan said...

Apparently it came from the Bracknell Standard, here:

Richard T said...

The fact that Mr Mackay is an estate agent by trade has nothing to do with such a curious lack of ethical standards. My view is that if proven this is a more serious fraud than those of messers Morley and Chaytor since in their cases it was equivalent to the sort of fiddle where the benefits office is not informed of changed circumstances; in the case of Mr and Mrs MacKay, they quite consciously designated each other's house as the second home - it was a deliberate effort to cheat the taxpayer. Prosecute them as soon as a case can be put together.

Anonymous said...

whos going to clean my moat

class war alive and well in Norfolk

we will rise again

Captain Swing