Is the government in cahoots with the travel industry

I note with some annoyance that the government are not going to tell people to not fly to Mexico, and for me personally I find this VERY annoying. Why ? Because I was due, in a few weeks to go on holiday to Mexico but now want to cancel. However my travel agent advise me that I cannot have a full refund unless the government explicitly says that travelling to Mexico should be banned. So instead I have had to cancel and will lose my deposit (which is not an inconsiderable sum).

It makes you wonder if the government are in cahoots with the travel industry on this matter.


Paul Pinfield said...

The advice will come Nich. Have no fear, right about the time they need to bury some other bad news.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Almost certainly you are right Paul.

Anonymous said...

They've been telling people not to travel to Mexico on non-essential business since yesterday morning. The relevant page is here.