Confused of Norfolk writes on the subject of face masks and swine flu

The government are telling people that they believe that face masks would have little effect in stopping the spread of swine flu.

Is this a line that the public are going to swallow when in the very next sentences of the government statement they say that the government are urgently seeking new stocks of face masks for NHS staff ?

So do mask work or not ? If they are effective for NHS staff, why are they ineffective for the general public ? Or is it that the government are actually worried that if the general public but masks the government will not be able to get hold of any themselves ?

Is it any wonder that people seem very confused about this ?


Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, the explanation I have heard is that the masks need to be changed regularly, so the NHS have ordered loads.

The unspoken message is, I believe, this: Don't bother buying masks because you will be too lazy to change them regularly...

Norfolk Blogger said...

The question though is how much will face masks make people believe they are safer and, as a result, make them less fearful and more likely to go to work ?

I think a lack of face masks will make more people stay off work.