I'm not one of them ... honest guv !

For me there is nothing more tawdry than seeing an MP with a small majority trying to be a rebel on issues in order to make him seem more electable. But if there is one person that fits this billing in my eyes at the moment it has to be Charles Clarke.

Time and time again on issues upon which he seemed to be silent when holding important positions within the Labour Party he speaks out to me like he wants to be seen as the anti establishment, the anti New Labour candidate.

Personally, I'd prefer to judge him by the fact that he was a Labour loyalist during the war in Iraq, he was an apologist for all the economic problems built up under New Labour and just because now he has a major issue with Gordon Brown, it does not mean that the electorate should forget these things.


Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, whilst it is good to hear Clarke kicking Brown, you are right to point out that it is only after ex-ministers no longer hold high office that they appear to grow a backbone.

Are these people really fit to represent us?

Ed said...

I think you have the dear chap wrong. He is not thinking about his majority, he is thinking he can challenge Brown for his job after Labour gets a kicking on June4th...