Government's own Pandemic Plan is being ignored - Tamiflu is NOT going to people with Swine flu

The government's own pandemic flu plan was published less than two years ago, but already the government are ignore their own plans and advice, most notably in the areas of containment and treatment.

The government's plan stated that introduction of flu might be delayed by 3-4 weeks if aircraft were screened and new visitors to this country were monitored. This is not being done.

But more shocking than that is the way early UK victims of flu are being treated, or not, as the case turns out.

According to BBC News a couple who have just returned from Mexico with flu have been advised by NHS direct that they need to take Tamiflu, but it is not being provided to them.

What the hell is the point of this government having a pandemic plan if they are not going to initiate what it says until we reach pandemic levels set by the World Health Organisation.

It's much like having a plan to deal with flooding in your house that only comes in to operation when you have let the bath overflow. Why not simply turn the taps off ?

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