Tories lead by example when it comes to the credit crunch

News reaches me that one Tory run council is offering staff a 0% pay rise this year whilst the councillors themselves took a large increase in allowances and in addition to this, another council (Broadland) has seen the Tories ignore Lib Dem pleas at the last full council meeting to halt plans for a further rise in allowances in order to "show solidarity with council tax payers at this difficult time". Sadly Broadland Tories felt a pay rise was more important.

Isn't it odd that at this particular time some Tory councils are notably unaware of the credit crunch and the need for councillors to lead by example.


Anonymous said...

Not so fast Nich!

Norwich Evening News reports - Council bosses in South Norfolk voted to cut their allowances, saying it sent the right message out to constituents having to "tighten their belts".


Norfolk Blogger said...

This is true, but in essence this means that South Norfolk Tories (and Kings Lynn Tories too) are essentially agreeing with me that the actions of other Tory councils in Norfolk is reprehensible and wrong.