One of the best reasons why you should have a Lib Dem MP

Irfan Ahmed points us to the a poll by Politics Home which shows that people who have Lib Dem MPs rate them as more local, independent, approachable, experienced, independent and perhaps best of all, they keep in touch more often than MP's of other parties.

If you are really undecided about whether to vote Lib Dem or not, take a closer look at the poll and put your "x" in the correct place.


Chairman Bill said...

Mor experenced at what?

James said...

It's a fair point, but I'd rather go for "principled" than "stuffs loads of Focus leaflets through my letterbox".

For those of us in Scotland who've had Liberal Democrat Ministers, that method of ranking puts you your party pretty low on the list.

Love the Tw*tter, though!

Norfolk Blogger said...

But the Lib Dems won out in every single category ?

Bill, more experienced ? At every level, in everything. Remember, statistics show that the more educated a person is the greater the liklihood is that they will vote Lib Dem.

Chairman Bill said...

An the less religious!

Chairman Bill said...

Also, the older I get the more I realise that no single political party has a monopoly on truth.