Labour hypocrisy

When I first started this blog more back in 2006 one of my first blog posts was about a former Lib Dem activist, something of an "odd bod" if you understand what I mean, who had after some rows and internal party issues (to do with him thinking he was more important than he actually was), jumping ship to the Labour party. Subsequently to me posting my original story I was told he was actually rejected by the Tories, so in effect Labour were his last port of call.

Anyway, back in 2006 this person wrote a letter to the Eastern Daily Press attacking me in my position as a councillor and used this letter to also totally misrepresent the Lib Dems new policy on the Post Office.

Now, interestingly, Labour have in great part adopted about 50% of the Lib Dem proposals on the post office, only leaving out the Lib Dem proposal to hand 30% of the Post Office to staff so they can be shareholders in their own future.

So it is very odd that 30 months on from Labour members attacking the Lib Dems over a policy, Labour themselves are actually now flipping 180 degrees and largely agreeing with the Lib Dems.

It does though rather make an idiot of this former Lib Dem colleague of mine who attacked me personally, but then again, if you knew him (and I am sure many Norfolk Lib Dems will have a good idea who I am on about), you'd know it does not take much to make him look like an idiot !


Chairman Bill said...

But isn't that true of most politicians? Not many are noted for their intellectual abilities, much less their loyalty to anything but their expenses.


I worry what lies in store for postal services in rural communities across Norfolk.