Will Iain Dale have to repay the donations ?

Iain Dale likes to repeat and recycle the stories concerning the conman Michael Brown, who made a substantial donation (with the approval of the Electoral Commission), to the lib Dems before the last General Election.

Stories on Iain' blog centre around "Will the Lib Dems pay it back" to "Lib Dems to be bankrupted", depending on how anti Lib Dem Iain appear to be feeling in any given month.

So it was with some interest that I read today that Bearwood, a company owned by Tory donor Lord Ashcroft, is being investigated by the electoral commission in to its donations to the Tory Party. North Norfolk Conservatives received substantial donations from Bearwood in the run up to the 2005 General Election (although oddly every pound donated by Bearwood seemed to equate to another vote on the eventual Lib Dem majority there), and Iain Dale was, of course Tory candidate in 2005.

Should I now be running stories every month on whether Iain should pay back the money ?

No, that would be very silly.


Lord Mandelbottom of Marrakech said...

Nich, you are naughty. Before you know it, you will be talking about Iain's Israeli views.

Much Love (to Iain and our mutual gaylord friends)


Anonymous said...

But you are - silly that is.

Anonymous said...

Of course Lord Ashcroft and Bearwood would have to be found guilty first. Come on Nich, innocent until proven guilty. You are a Liberal after all!

Steve Tierney said...

Hopefully, North Norfolk will soon shake off this surreal obsession with the Lib Dems and embrace their NE Cambs neighbour's decent Tory stance.

I mean... we're only a stone-throw away, if you've got good strong Fenland arms. : ) We can't be that different to you.


James said...

Ah good, so two wrongs make a right.

jailhouselawyer said...

There is something rather distasteful about giving Total Bollocks free to MPs and the like what with all their hard earned fiddled expenses, and yet selling it to the poor hard up working class. The rag is bankrolled by an alien who's finances may have been Persiled but still left with a stain afterwards. I don't think there is really any difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. And being a peer should be a honour bestowed and not sold to the highest bidder.

Will Iain Dale have to pay the donations? Yes please.

Norfolk Blogger said...

James, I would be making it two wrongs if I were to keep repeating the story for ever and a day.

James said...

I don't mean the reporting thereof, I mean the two potential breaches of electoral law, and in Brown's case, criminal law.