Why the government's pledge to fight terrorism does not extend to Norfolk and Bacton Gas Terminal

Bacton Gas terminal in North Norfolk brings in one third of the gas we use in this country. It is guarded very ably by a small team of MOD police who work closely with Norfolk Constabulary. The MOD police themselves say they want the support of the local constabulary and this is vital to the work they do. So what does the government do to help ? They withdraw funding from Norfolk Constabulary meaning that they cannot provide 24 hour support for this prime target for terrorism in the UK.

Remember that people now locked up inside top security prisons for terrorist offences have had the name of Bacton Gas terminal on their lists of potential targets. There is a clear risk to Bacton, but this government, obsessed only with inner cities and London cannot spare the small amount of money it needs to protect Bacton properly so Norfolk is policed "on the cheap" by the government whilst other parts of the country are given the very highest levels of security.



Didn't the story say Norfolk police were only policing it as a stop gap until the MOD police were ready to take over, which they now have..?

Surely the MOD police have experience at protecting sensitive military establishments, are tuned into terror intel etc.

Not knocking Norfolk police, who don't do a bad job in return for only putting our council tax up by £7 a year.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So why are the MOD saying they want the continued permanant support of the Norfolk Police ? You statement flies in the face of the facts and the statments coming from the people who are actually there.


Meant this bit from BBC website:

A Home Office spokesman said: "The Home Office funding in question was specifically for protective security purposes and supported a police patrol prior to the deployment of MoD police.

"There is no question of any reduction in the level of protection of the site."

A spokesman for the MoD police said: "The security of the terminal has been significantly enhanced by the deployment of MoD police on a permanent 24/7 basis."