Tories want a return to slum landlords

Lowering the standards required for housing so that people can rent these lower grade properties to people hardly looks like a forward thinking policy, instead it seems like a return to allowing slum landlords to provide poor accommodation for sky high rents. Surely nobody could believe this is a good idea ?

Oh, apparently its a Tory idea.


Anonymous said...

"To allow this, the Conservatives say existing rules governing the size of properties, their suitability for certain kinds of users and what facilities they offer should be temporarily eased.

The current requirement for properties to comply with codes on sustainability - in terms of the materials they use and the impact on the external environment - should be suspended".

Whats that got anything to do with slum landlords? In fact the Lib Dems on Birmingham City Council have been calling for vaccant city centre flats to be used.

You are so blinded by hatered that you don't read the stories in question.

Anonymous said...

And so confident in your arguments are you that you post anonymously. How brave.