Glorifying Teenage Pregnancy - Thanks to "The Sun"

Today's headlines in "The Sun" glorifying the 13 year old father of a child really does send out the wrong message.

The Sun has an "exclusive" on this story and the baby's teenage parents have, apparently, been behind closed doors with representatives of "The Sun" all day. Putting two and two together you would have to assume that "The Sun" are not providing this support out of the kindness of Rupert Murdoch's heart and they have paid the teenagers a handsome sum in return for the exclusivity of this story.

At a time when people bemoan the obsession teenagers have with fame and a lack of willingness amongst some youths to get qualified and get a job, is "The Sun" paying these children to report their law breaking really sending out the right message ?

There are supposed to be laws that prevent people from profiteering from breaking the law yet "The Sun" tries to offer these people money, fame and a shoulder to cry on.

What an example to set.

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Anonymous said...

The UK system already encourages teenagers to get pregnant. Are you a teenager, and having a row with your parents? No worries, just get pregnant, and the society will provide you a flat and maintenance, so that you don't have to see your parents anymore.